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Intra-Company Transfer

An Intra-Company Transfer work permit (ICT) is applicable for the transfer of key staff into a UK subsidiary company. Staff involved in an intra-company transfer must have been employed by their overseas company for at least six months prior to an intra-company transfer application being made. Furthermore the links with the overseas company must be evidenced and it is necessary to provide evidence that the Intra-Company Transfer assignee possesses the relevant company knowledge, experience and necessary qualifications in order for a transfer to the position to be fulfilled.

N.B. With intra-company transfers, unlike a full UK Work Permit application, a company is not required to advertise the position to be filled. However they must detail the reasons for the Intra-Company Transfer and also the duration of the Intra-Company Transfer.
Employers can expect an Intra-Company Transfer processing time of between one and four weeks once the application has been lodged with Work Permits (UK) for initial approval. The Intra-Company Transfer visa candidate will then need to apply for UK Entry Clearance

Description: Intra-Company Transfers (ICT) allow an employer to fill a specific need that they are not able to fill from the resident EU work force. An Intra-Company Transfer UK work permit allows a non-EU citizen to work in the UK in a specific role for a specific company. The application for work permit must be made by the sponsoring company.

Duration A visa for an ICT can be valid for between one day and five years, depending on the length of time requested by the sponsoring company. The duration of the Intra-Company Transfer visa is also at discretion of the Home office.

Eligibility Criteria :

Position To be eligible for ICT the position the employer is seeking to fill must meet NVQ level 3 and above. Furthermore, if the candidate works in a profession they may be required to be registered with the Governing body. For example a doctor must be registered with the General Medical Council. To be eligible the employee must have a level of knowledge that is essential to the post in the UK.

Education. The candidate must have either:
  • a relevant degree, or
  • a non relevant degree and one year of experience, or
  • no degree and three years of relevant experience.

Employee History with Organization The employee for whom the Intra-Company Transfer work permit is being sought must have been employed by the overseas company for at least six months prior to the application. This relationship must be evidenced before a visa can be issued.

Additional Information
Spouse / Unmarried Partner A spouse/unmarried partner will be eligible for a dependency visa providing they will cohabitate with the holder of the Intra-Company Transfer visa. For an unmarried partner they must be able to prove that the relationship has been in existence for at least two years prior to making the application for ICT.

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